Setting up Check In App for Amazon Fire device

In order to allow residents to check-in with their Pool Pass / QR code, you will need to set up a tablet device. Follow the instructions below to set up your Android device. If you are using a different type of device, please follow the instructions listed in these articles:

Step 1: Install Google Play on your Amazon Fire

Turn on your device and follow the step-by-step instructions to download/install the Google Play Store onto your Amazon Fire device. You can find the directions here.

Note: Installing Google Play on your Amazon Fire device will require a number of steps as laid out in the linked article above. There are step by step instructions but the process is a bit tricky / complex. We recommend reaching out to ALsupport if you require additional help. 

Step 2: Install the American Pool Check-In App

Open up the Google Play Store and search for the American Pool Check-In App. Look for an application with the following icon. Click Install to download the application. 

Step 3: Log in to Application

Once installed, open the application and sign in using your Admin credentials (the same credentials you use to access the Admin Dashboard). You should then see your specific Property Information. 

Step 4: Setup Space

Select the specific Space where you will be displaying the Check-In Tablet. This will pull up a Welcome Page (see below). Click the box that says Check-In Here to confirm your application allows access to the device's camera.

Step 4: Setup Check in Display

Your table and application are now ready for check-in use. Position your tablet in a location where your residents can easily access it. Residents will simply scan their QR code using the application and this will check them into their reservation. The application will revert back to the Welcome screen after 5 seconds. 

Tablet Settings Change the screen settings on the tablet to keep the screen on when the application is engaged and turn on the full brightness for easier use.

Device Settings

Follow these steps to set your Amazon Fire device to keep the screen on when the application is engaged.

Open up your Settings on the Amazon tablet by swiping down from the status bar (top of the screen) or tap Settings app in the app drawer. 
From the Settings menu, click on Device Options.
Then tap the Serial Number SEVEN times. This will open up the developer settings of your Amazon Fire device. Navigate back to Device Options and you will see a new setting called Developer Options.

Click on Developer Options. From here, you will see new settings including a setting called Stay Awake. Check the box next to Stay Awake to keep your Amazon Fire device from going to sleep while displaying the American Pool Check-in application.

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