Understanding cove's integration with Openpath

cove integrates with the access control system, Openpath.  The integration provides a seamless experience for both your tenants and their visitors.  With a few features available, we recommend you review the articles within this category to determine the best setup for your building. 

First, you will want to understand the Openpath + cove Setup Steps to allow for the integration to work. 

Then, better understand the definition of a Mobile Credential and how to set up, delete, and Manage Users.

If you have Openpath installed on your base building, and your tenant has Openpath installed on their office doors, you will want to explore Zone Sharing.  Zone sharing allows you to share entry access for common areas without the need for multiple apps or entry ID's.  Also, this can allow your tenants to manage the active users within their office to keep entry accuracy up to date, in real-time.  

The integration between cove and Openpath also allows you to manage visitor access.  Your tenants can register visitors in cove that sends an email invitation to the guest.  It includes a link to the approved entries to provide the visitor with seamless access to where they are going upon arrival.  

If your building uses cove and Openpath, we recommend setting up the integration.  It provides a "street to suite" experience for your tenants and eases the operation of your building.  

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