Mobile Credential Integration

The cove app offers an integration with the access control system, Openpath. This integration allows end-users to seamlessly access permitted entries throughout your building without the need to use a key card or download another app.  After downloading cove and updating a few settings, users set up mobile access within the app to open doors with just a wave of their hand!  Tenants have one place where they can manage everything the building has to offer -- make amenity reservations, submit work orders, manage visitors, and hear more about upcoming building offers and events.


  • Users should be added to an Openpath Org with their valid email address.  Learn more about setting up a user HERE
  • The email address should match the approved tenant domain in cove to allow the cove mobile credential to work.  To learn more about setting up a tenant, go HERE.
  • If zone sharing is in place with tenants at your building, there is no need to add the user to your Building Org.  cove will fetch a user's mobile credential from the Tenant Org, not the Building Org so as to create a "street-to-suite" access experience.  To learn more about Zone Sharing, go HERE.

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