Adding Users in Openpath

To set up access control for a user, Openpath requires that each individual be added to a group in their system and tied to a zone for entry points.  To learn more about Openpath terminology, check out this ARTICLE.  

When setting up a new tenant in cove, access is granted to users using Email Domain Access ( learn more here).  When a new tenant joins your building, you will need to add the Tenant to cove, including the 'approved email domain' field.  This allows users of that tenant to self-register and access cove using their approved email domain.  Learn more about setting up a new tenant HERE


The email in Openpath must match the email the user enters in cove.  If they do not match, the user will not be able to utilize the integration and gain access to entries. 

If your building is zone sharing with a tenant, only the Tenant Org is required to add the user.  

You can manually create a user like so:

  1. Go to and log in. 
  2. Go to Users > Users
  3. Click the + sign on the top right-hand side of the page

4. On the Create User page, fill out the user information, Email, First Name, Last Name, Start and End dates if you would like, and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

  • Note: If you are adding a user from an existing namespace or just want to know more about them and what they are for, please read, What is a namespace?

5. You will be brought back to the Edit user page. At the top of the page click the Credentials tab.

6. Now follow the steps on the following links to learn how to create a Mobile, Card, and Openpath Keypad Pin Credentials then click Save at the bottom of the page when you are finished. - check with Liz, we may not want to include this.  I don't think they need to add a credential and cove creates the mobile one through the integration.  From our help site, I think that is all we should advise on for set up since that is the sale we make.  Thoughts?  Also, the links note to download and set up the openpath app, which may cause confusion. 

7. Now click the Access tab at the top of the page.

8. This is where you will give users access permissions to Zones that contain the entries and save.

  • Note: a checkmark means the user has access.

9. At the bottom of the page you will see two other permissions, Override Permission (to override an entry in Lockdown State), and Remote Unlock. - check with Liz on this.  We may just turn #9 into something around "once you complete this step, all requirements for the cove integration is complete.  To learn about other user fields in Openpath, visit HERE."  Not sure we need to include these fields - if we do, we may want to define them a little and note it is optional.

You do not need to: 

  • Send an invite from Openpath. 
    • This will actually send the user an invite to download the Openpath app. 
    • Because of the cove integration, end users do not need the Openpath app, and running both apps on their devices can actually cause issues.
  • Add a mobile credential: 
    • You will not need to manually add a mobile credential on their user page in Openpath. 
    • Once they log in to the cove app and go through the setup flow, a credential will automatically be created.

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