Visitor Management Setup

Cove offers a visitor management system that enables:

  • Tenants invite visitors to the building as approved visitors.
  • Visitors receive an email invitation with instructions for visiting the building.
  • Optionally, security staff can use the Cove Dashboard to manage expected visitors, check them in, and register any walk-in visitors.

With access control integrations, the visitor can also receive a Guest Pass that gives them temporary access to the building:

  • Visitors receive an email with a Guest Pass that they can open in their mobile browser — they do not need to download an app.
  • The Guest Pass includes buttons to unlock building entries

This support article is intended to be used side by side as you set up your visitor management. Directions and explanations on this page follow the same order as the management setup page.

To setup visitor management, navigate to the Visitor Setup page in the Visitor module. From here, follow these directions to customize your visitor management.

Visitor Registration Settings

  • Check this box if you would like regular users to be allowed to register visitors via their app.
  • If left unchecked, regular users will not be allowed to register visitors.

Email Arrival Settings

This section manages a visitor's arrival and notifications to hosts.

Default Arrival Instructions: Visitors will see these arrival instructions within their visitor email.

  • Add text here to describe how visitors should arrive at the building.
  • These will be external and included in the emails sent to them.
  • Tenant-specific directions (eg- After checking in at the security desk in the lobby, proceed to floor 10, suite 200) can be added in the individual tenant profile.

Notify Visitor Check-In Emails:

  • When a visitor checks into this site, these emails will receive a notification.
  • Separate each with a comma.

Notify Watch List Match Emails:

  • When a newly registered visitor matches someone on the watch list, these emails will receive a notification.
  • Separate each with a comma.

Do you want to show the QR Code in the Visitor Email?

  • Choose whether or not you would like to include the visitor QR code in the visitor's emails.
  • If you would like visitors to check in using the Cove Check-In Tablet, choose yes.

Should Email Field Be Required When Adding A Visitor?

  • Choose whether or not you would like to require that a visitor's email address is added during registration.
  • If you would like visitors to receive directions, check yes.

Visitor Access Settings

This section manages the amount of time a visitor has access to the building.

Visitor Access Window

  • Choose a window for visitor access: buffer or fixed.
  • If Buffer is selected, access will be granted from 1 hour before until 2 hours after the expected arrival time.
  • If fixed is selected, you will be prompted to choose the hours for the fixed window

Badge and Photo Settings

This section manages badge printing (optional) and visitor photos on arrival (optional).

Take visitor photo on check in?

  • If yes is checked, a picture can be taken using a webcam connected to a computer.
  • This photo is included in the visitor record, badge, and email notification.
    • During the visitor check in:
      • a pop-up with window that says “Add visitor photo” will appear
      • Visitors can choose:
        • Take Photo: If clicked, takes a photo
        • Skip photo: if clicked, skips to a badge print screen without a photo
        • If the visitor takes a photo, the Save Photo button is enabled.
        • If Save Photo is clicked, the photo is saved to the visitor record and the user is directed to the next screen

Enable visitor badge printing at this site?

  • If yes is checked, a visitors can print a badge during check-in and the following.
  • If yes is checked, the following fields will appear:
    • Badge Format
      • Choose from QR code, barcode formats, or Logo only. If Logo is selected, ensure that the property info page has provided the Property Logo (Dark).
    • Badge Width
      • Badge width (inches)
    • Badge Height
      • Badge height (inches)
    • Visitor Pass Method
      • Choose the visitor pass generator method. Choose between: random, linear, range, external generated.
        • Random = randomly generated
        • Linear = one barcode per day
        • Range = pick from a range of barcodes.
        • External generated = generated externally

Parking Integration

This section is optional and applies only if you have a parking integration. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for support with parking integration.

Concierge Tablet Settings

This section manages the Cove Concierge Check-In Tablet. For more information on setting up a tablet in Concierge Mode, click here.

Show QR code button on Concierge Tablet?

  • Yes
    • The "Scan QR Code" button will appear on the tablet (see image above).
    • The QR code instructions on visitor emails will appear.
  • No
    • The "Scan QR Code" button will not appear on the tablet (see image above).
    • The QR code instructions on visitor emails will not appear.

Allow manual registration on Concierge Tablet?

  • Yes
    • Visitors will be able to check in manually.
    • The "Check In manually" button will appear on the tablet (see image above).
  • No
    • Visitors will not be able to check in manually.
    • The "Check In manually" button will not appear on the tablet (see image above)

Concierge Visitor Directions

  • If Use Default Visitor Directions is turned on (checked), visitors will always see the directions added in the Default Concierge Directions field below.
  • If left blank, visitors will be directed to the tenant's suite.

Default Concierge Directions

  • Add default visitor directions in this field.
  • If you would like to add text here, be sure to check the Use Default Visitor Directions field above.

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