Visitor Management

Cove offers a visitor management system that enables:

  • Tenants invite visitors to the building as approved visitors.
  • Visitors receive an email invitation with instructions for visiting the building.
  • Optionally, security staff can use the Cove Dashboard to manage expected visitors, check them in, and register any walk-in visitors.

With Cove’s Openpath integration, the Visitor can also receive a Web Guest Pass that gives them temporary access to the building. See the screenshots below for this visitor experience. Note that:

  • Visitors receive an email with a Guest Pass that they can open in their mobile browser — they do not need to download an app.
  • The Guest Pass includes buttons to unlock building entries.
  • Guest Passes are temporary, usually for 2 hours before/after the visitor’s expected arrival time.
  • Property teams do not need to add/remove visitors from the Openpath Control Center — visitors are automatically synced from Cove to Openpath.

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