Getting Started Checklist

Now that you're signed on to the "Powered by cove" system, there are a few important steps to go through to ensure the platform and Mobile App are customized to your property and ready for residents to use.  Each step has a linked help article to guide you through the process.

Your Getting Started Checklist

Login to the Admin Dashboard
The first step is to login to the Admin Dashboard: This is your one-stop shop for managing your property, residents, and amenity spaces.
Upload your Residents
This article guides you through the process of importing your resident information into the platform. This is an important step in getting your property setup as residents will only have access to your building if they have been registered in the system.
Set up your Space and Reservation Rules [Optional: Add a Consent Form]
An example space has already been pre-loaded into your system but you will want to adjust the hours, capacity, and other important details to customize it for your property. This article will guide you through all of the customization options.
Confirm and Update your Property Information including a Support Email address
The basic information about your property has been preloaded into the system. This article will guide you through reviewing and updating this information including adding in your contact information so that residents can reach out directly to you should they have questions when trying to book a space.
Prepare your Tablet Device for Check-In
If you are using a Check-In Tablet, you will need to download the Check-In App and configure your tablet with the appropriate settings. Follow the instructions provided for your specific device.
Create or Edit your Highlights
These Highlights are displayed on the Mobile App and are a great opportunity for you to share details about your amenity spaces, rules/regulations, and other important announcements with your residents.
Link your Bank Account for Payments
This will be important for allowing residents to purchase guest passes or make other purchases on the App. The verification process can sometimes take a few days so we recommend doing this ahead of time.
Final Step! Send out Invites to your Residents
When ready, the final important setup step is to send an invitation to your users/residents inviting them to download the mobile application. You can do this through the Admin Dashboard. 
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