Consent Forms

Consent Forms
You have the ability to add Consent Forms to your Amenities and Desks. Users will be required to 'consent' to specific conditions before they can make a reservation for the specific space. Consent Forms can be used to ask users to agree to specific policies or requirements for the space.

In this article:

Create a New Consent Form

Step 1

Navigate to "Property Setup" > "Consent Forms". This will bring up your list of current consent forms and the ability to add a new consent form. Click "+ New" in the top left corner.

Step 2

Enter in the information about your Consent Form.

NAME Provide a name for your Consent Form. This is for your internal use.
UPLOAD PDF Click to upload a PDF version of your consent form or additional information you'd like your residents to review and consent to.
TITLE Provide a Title for your Consent Form. This will show as a header/title for the form within the Resident Mobile App.
SUBTITLE Provide more information about your consent form with a SubTitle to be displayed in the mobile app.
BULLET LIST Add different bulleted items that you'd like to be part of your consent form. You can add as many as you'd like.

Step 3

Click SAVE to save your new Consent Form.

Add your Consent Form to a Space

Step 1

Navigate back to the "Reservations" on the left-hand menu. Select "Amenity Setup" or "Desk Setup". 

Step 3

Create a "+ New Amentiy" or "+ New Desk", and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a dropdown menu that says "Consent Form". From there, you can select an existing content form and add it to the amenity or desk. 

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