Surveys: Creating a Survey

Now that you have planned your survey, it’s time to create it! In this article we will walk you through creating a survey step-by-step.

  1. Navigate to the Engage section of the dashboard, and click on Surveys.

  2. Click +New Survey

  1. Name and describe your survey. Your tenants will see this, so we recommend keeping it clear and concise.

  2. Click +Add Custom Question and all of the options for your first question will appear. Each question that you add to your survey will include: question prompt, question label, question type, and mark as required.

    • Question Prompt: The question for the user

    • Question Label: How to identify this question in your response table

    • Question type: Choose from 10+ question options

    • Mark as Required: Click here if you want this question to be required for users

  1. To add additional questions click + Add Custom Question and repeat step 4 for each of the custom questions you would like to add to your survey.

  1. Click Save and your finished survey will appear in the survey table.

Next Steps

Now that you have created your survey, it's time to send it to users!

🔗 Sending Surveys

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