Assigning a Work Order

When a new work order is submitted, those who belong to a group assigned to that Issue Type will receive an email and push notification. Learn more about Work Order Notifications here. Work Orders can be assigned to a specific user or self-assigned by selecting "Accept" on the Mobile App or assigning oneself on the Admin Dashboard.


  • From the “requests” tab in the App, click on “Open Items” 
  • "Open Work Orders" in the Admin Dashboard will allow you to see all open items. 
  • Identify the ticket you would like to assign and click into it. 
  • Assign the ticket to yourself or to another engineer. 
  • You can also select "Assign to me" or "Accept" the ticket. 

Users can also bulk assign work orders; learn more here.

Mobile View:

Mobile View Demo

Admin Dashboard:

Admin Dashboard Demo

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