Handling Landlords & Tenants

Handling Landlords & Tenants

Sometimes you might encounter a scenario like this:

  • You have a Landlord who owns one or more units, each of which has a family of Tenants.
  • In each unit, the Landlord needs to be able to share access to the App with each Tenant.

We recommend handling this by creating a separate Household and giving the Landlord a separate User account for each unit they own.

Create Household/User for each Unit

  1. Go to the User Directory
  2. Click the "+" button to create a new user for the landlord
    1. Under their email, enter unique emails like: joe.evans+unitA@gmail.com and joe.evans+unitB@gmail.com
    2. Under the Household, click "Add Household" to create a new household for Unit A or Unit B, if it doesn't existing already in the dropdown menu
  3. Repeat the process for each unit

Landlord uses Mobile App to add Tenants

Now the Landlord can log into the app under each unit separately and add Tenants as household members.

  1. Landlord logs into the Mobile App as one of their unique email addresses - joe.evans+unitA@gmail.com
  2. Landlord can Add New Household Members for the Tenants in that unit
  3. Optionally, you (Building Admin) can convert the Household Members to Full Accounts so they can log in as well. See this help article on how to convert Household Members to Full Accounts.

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