Checking In Users Without an Account

Checking In Users Without an Account

Any user that has access to the app should be able to check in on the Check In Tablet with the Mobile App / Pool Pass and select other members of their household when they're checking in. However, sometimes another user might not have access to their app or Pool Pass. This is the case if they have been registered as a household member (e.g. the wife/husband) by another active user.

Note: For users who just don't have the app (e.g. an elderly resident who does not use a smartphone), a QR code can be printed for them on the User Directory.

Example and Recommendations

For example:

  • Joe has been registered for app access under his email address
  • Joe has access to the app and has registered Maggie, his wife, as a household member
  • Maggie is not able to log in because she has not been registered under her own email address

If Joe and Maggie visit together, then Joe can check in with his Pool Pass and select Maggie during check-in.

However, if Maggie would like to visit on her own, we recommend:

  • Joe can share his login credentials with Maggie, so she has access to the Pool Pass
  • Joe can share a screenshot of the Pool Pass with Maggie, which she can use to check in
  • The building can print Joe's Pool pass and share it with Maggie

Now Maggie can check in under the same household and select herself and any other family members for check-in.

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