Setting Guest Pass Prices

Guest Passes are a feature that allows residents to purchase a guest pass to your amenity space. At this time, Building Admins can set up the guest pass details. This ability to purchase Guest Passes from the Mobile Application is not currently available but will be announced soon. Please follow the steps in this article to setup your Guest Pass details.

Step 1: Add your Payment Information

Follow the instruction in the " How to Add your Payment Information" article to link your bank account information. This step is required in order to allow your users to purchase Guest Passes.

Step 2: Set up Guest Passes for Purchase

Navigate to the Guest Passes menu on the left-hand sidebar. Click on +New on the top left-hand corner to add a new Guest Pass option.

Fill in the details of your Guest Pass including the number of passes and the total amount for those passes. For example, you could provide an option to purchase ONE Guest Pass at $30 and a package of THREE Guest Passes at $90. Guest Passes are valid for the entire season. Once you've entered the information in, press Save.

Step 3: Announce to your Users

As mentioned, this feature will soon be released on the Mobile App. Once available, we recommend adding a Highlight to the Mobile App about your Guest Pass availability and pricing.

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