Events: Event Check-In

Use Cove's new Kiosk App to manage attendance at your onsite events. Upon arrival, guests can check in using their app's personalized QR code. In this article, we will discuss:

  • setting up the cove kiosk tablet app for your event {jump to section}
  • using the app during events {jump to section}

Setting up the Cove Kiosk Tablet App

  1. Download the Cove Kiosk Tablet App onto your iPad.
  2. Log into the Cove Kiosk Tablet App using any Building Administrator’s email address. Retrieve the login code from your email & enter it when prompted.
  3. Follow the prompts to set the app up for your event.
    • select tablet type: select events
    • select site: select the appropriate building name
    • select event: select the appropriate event name
    • name: name the event ( it will automatically use the name of the event from the dashboard, but you can edit it)
    • description: (optional)

  1. Grant permissions for the app to use your camera. This is required so that your guests can scan their personalized QR code to check in. Depending on your tablet's settings, you will either be automatically prompted to grant permission, or you will need to grant permission manually.

    • To automatically grant camera permission follow the prompts from your iPad
    • To manually grant camera permission follow these steps:
        • Go to Settings > Privacy
        • Tap Camera
        • Scroll to find the Cove Kiosk Tablet app
        • Tap to grant camera permission

Using the App During Events

  1. Set up the iPad at the entrance to your event.

  1. As guests arrive, they will click Scan QR Code to be taken to the camera.
  2. Guests will tap the QR code icon on the top right of their home screen to get to their personalized QR code.
  3. Guests will scan their QR code, their attendance will be recorded, and the app will automatically return to the Scan QR Code screen.

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