How to Setup Building Admin or Reservation Manager Users

By default, users are added as Regular User meaning they can log in using the Mobile App to see the property information and make reservations. This article outlines how you can set up users as either Building Admins or Reservation Managers to allow other staff in your property access to the Admin Dashboard. 

Navigate to the Edit User menu

From the User Directory view search for a specific user and select the pencil icon in the action column or add a new user to open up the Edit User menu.

Determine which User Role to Assign

From the dropdown menu under User Role select either Building Admin or Reservation Manager. 

A Building Admin can login to the Admin Dashboard and make changes to the property information, spaces, and users. Only key building administrators should have this level of access (1-2 people). 

A Reservation Manager can login to the Admin Dashboard and see the list of reservations, check in users and create a new reservation for a user directly from the dashboard. They cannot see the User Directory or edit the property or space management details. This setting is appropriate for front desk attendants, lifeguards, or staff who only need limited access.

Click Save. The Building Admin or Reservation Manager will now be able to login to the Admin Dashboard. 

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