Bulk Visitor Uploads

Add more than one visitor at a time! Bulk Visitor Uploads is a feature that allows Building Administrators and Tenant Administrators to add larger amounts of visitors at one time. Use this feature if you have:

  • multiple visitors every day
  • an event with many visitors
  • a recurring visitor

Step 1

Navigate to the Visitors section of the dashboard, and click on Upload Visitors.

Step 2

Click Download Template, and open the template from wherever it saved on your computer. It will be saved as NEW Visitor Upload Template.


  • This is an Excel file- if you're working on a Mac, it will open in Numbers.
  • If you using Safari, you will likely be prompted to approve the download. Click yes.

The template has two sheets: Instructions and Visitor List. Click on the name of each to switch between the two.

  • The Instructions sheet follows the same steps that are included in this article.
  • The Visitor List is where you will enter your data.

Step 3

Review the template and compile your visitor data. Here is what you will need for each visit:

Visitor Email Address (column D) is required based on your building's settings. To determine whether or not your building requires visitor emails to be included, Building Administrator's can check their Visitor Management Setup.

Step 4

Add and format your visitor data based on the directions in the Instructions sheet of the template. Use the example row of data in the Visitor List as a guide.

Don't forget to delete the example row of data!

Step 5

Export your file as a .csv.

Step 6

Upload your .csv file.

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