Waivers: Creating Custom Questions

Learn how to customize the questions in your waivers! We have more than ten question format options to help you gather the exact information you need from tenants.

Automatic Data Gathered

Waivers automatically gather several pieces of information, so there is no need to create custom questions to find out:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Date of Submission

Add or Remove Questions

  • Add a Question
    • Click on + Add a Custom Question
  • Remove a Question
    • Click on REMOVE in the upper right of each question section

Custom Questions

  • Question Prompt
    • This is the question users will see as they complete the waiver.
  • Question Label
    • This is the label associated with the question, and it will appear in the response table.
    • Keep this short so it's easier to use in the response table
  • Mark as Required
    • Check this box if you would like users to be required to answer this question.
  • Question Type
    • Choose the type from the dropdown menu. There are more than ten question type options for you to choose from, including: checkbox, multiple choice, image upload, and 1-10 scale.


Once you've created your custom questions, you're ready to setup the waiver's visibility and notifications. Click here to go to the Visibility and Notifications article.

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