Zone Sharing Setup

Zone Sharing 

  • Required Steps: 
    • The tenant must share their Openpath Org with cove following these instructions. 
    • You will need to determine which Zones to share with the tenant’s org. As a reminder, Zones are groups of entries/readers. 
    • You should share with the Tenant Org any zone/entry that their users will need access to including Fitness Centers and Bike Rooms. 
  • We recommend the following policies with your tenants when setting up Zone Sharing: 
    • If you will be sharing spaces that the building team members will need to control, you will need to require the tenant to share Admin access with a building team member in order to manage these. 
      • If applicable, create a group within the Tenant Org for special areas such as Fitness Centers.
      • As users from that Tenant group sign fitness waivers or are granted access to specific areas, the building team will manage adding them to that Group within the Tenant Org. 
  • The above steps will ensure that end users have a smooth experience. 

Audits / Reporting 

  • For zones they’ve shared with the tenant org, the building can run audits to make sure the right folks have access to the right entries.  
    • If zone sharing is set up for a tenant, and one of its users is added to the Building Org, the user will not be able to access or use the entries granted to them in the Building Org. Their active account exists in the Tenant’s Org and the access levels provided to them in that Org will only be honored. 


  • Opportunity to allow tenants to manage employees themselves but it does mean giving up some control around access. 
    • Termination and additions controlled by the Tenant 
  • Great experience for the tenant – 99% of their access from street to seat - seamless experience


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