Timed Access for Reservations

cove offers an amenity reservation system that enables tenants to book meeting rooms, lounges, fitness center access, and any kind of bookable space you offer in your building.  Often, these areas are locked and tenants cannot access the room without a property manager unlocking the door at the time of their request.  

With the Openpath integration, cove will automatically grant registered users access to the specific amenity space during the time of their reservation.  The entry will be unlocked when the tenant arrives!  Our deeper integration even allows you to set buffer times to determine how early before or how late after a reservation the tenant has access to the space.    

To learn more about setting up an amenity space, go HERE.


Timed Access: Door Unlock

  • The Conference Room has entries that are locked.  Jane from XYZ company has made a reservation in the conference room from 12 pm - 2 pm this Friday.  
  • Typically, a Property Manager has to unlock the entry to the conference room prior to the start of the event and remember to lock it back up when it concludes.  Through cove's integration with Openpath, our timed access feature saves time for property teams by allowing the doors to unlock for bookings, ensuring that large events can take place without needing to coordinate entry access. 
  • Since the property team set a 15-minute buffer from the start of the conference room reservation, Jane and her team will have access starting at 11:45 am on Friday.  There is no buffer time set for the end of the event, so the tenants will not be able to access the amenity after 2 pm.

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